The Farm

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Voltrona Farm produces wine and olive oil. It covers an overall area of 40.00 hectares, much of which is used to grow fodder and cereals. There is also a small herd of Icelandic horses.

Voltrona Farm was one of the first farm holiday centres to be opened in Tuscany and over twenty years it has constantly provided outstanding country hospitality. 

Since 1984, we have continued to renew the structure by renovating the buildings and investing in specialised crops.

Sebastiano Leanza purchased Voltrona Farm in 1978. 

The farm was half ruined: there was no drinking water, no phone line, neither was there a gas mains. The electricity supply was rated at 160 volts and the access road was little more than a cattle-track. 80% of the buildings were in a dreadful state and parts of both barns had collapsed. Only one house was inhabitable. Brambles and weeds had covered an entire olive grove and wild boars ventured as far as the garden of the villa looking for food. To give you an idea of just how neglected the place was, just think that hunters used the roof of the house to lie in wait for game.

In the eighties, the law on farm holiday centres issued by the Tuscany Regional Government revitalised the farming sector by helping farmers to take their first steps towards a new idea of farming: as well as producing food, providing services and promoting the local area. 

In the summer of 1984, the first guests (Germans) slept in the inhabitable part of the house. 
At that time, the term “farm holiday” was totally unknown both to farmers and to their guests. More than anything else, it was a “naïf” phenomenon: people looking for new emotions...