Tasting sessions

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All Voltrona Farm guests are welcome to taste our wine and oil both during dinner.

Direct sales are made during reception opening hours where company products can be purchased.

Group tasting sessions:

Requests should be made at least one day beforehand in order to allow us to make the necessary arrangements.

Wines can be tasted in the dining room or under the covered loggia on the terrace in the main building. Much depends on availability. It is not possible to visit the cellars. It is possible, however, to visit the vineyards and walk (5 minutes) to a vantage point giving a panoramic view of San Gimignano.

During wine-tasting sessions, a farm manager will present the wines and their characteristics and talk about production and grape selection methods. 
This service is included in the cost of the wine-tasting session and is always available in Italian and English. German and Swedish are available on request.

The farm lies about 1.5 Km along a gravel road which can take coaches with a maximum length of 12.50 m with lifting feature. There is an for coach manoeuvres and letting people on and off near the main building. This area is about 50m from the entrance to the direct sales outlet.


  • 7.00 euros per person : 2 wines + snacks;
  • 8.00 euros per person: 3 wines + oil and garlic bruschetta;
  • 15.00 euros per person: 3 wines with pickled onions, olives, oil and garlic bruschetta, Tuscan cured meats Taste, Tuscan pecorino cheese Taste, water.