Farmhouse San Gimignano, Siena, Tuscany

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Farmhouse Voltrona

Voltrona farm

Voltrona Farm produces wine and olive oil. It covers an overall area of 40.00 hectares, much of which is used to grow fodder and cereals. There is also a small herd of Icelandic horses.
Voltrona Farm was one of the first farm holiday centres to be opened in Tuscany and over twenty years it has constantly provided outstanding country hospitality.
Since 1984, we have continued to renew the structure by renovating the buildings and investing in specialised crops.

What we offer

Extensive gardens surround the farmhouses at Voltrona where our guests may relax or read a book.
The farm hasrooms with bath and shower, and families and groups of friends will appreciate the home cooking of authentic Tuscan dishes.
Dinner is served every evening in the barn or under the stars on the terrace, where a genuine feast of flavourscan be had in the company of the other guests who end the day toasting and sharing their travel stories.

Our horses

Our herd grazes in a 15 hectare area containing a permanently open stable that each animal can enter and leave as it requires.
As they live in freedom, they develop a useful hierarchical structure within the herd.
This model of organisation allows the horses to develop a good team spirit that they maintain when out working during excursions.
You can also notice this spirit in the way the horses act and behave harmoniously with each other and with people.

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~ Since 1984 ~
Fattoria Voltrona
one of the first farmhouses in Tuscany