Farmhouse San Gimignano, Siena, Tuscany

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Agriculture and energy management

Fattoria Voltrona's land has been cultivated through organic methods since 1992. An agronomic choice that allowed for an environmental protection difficult to imagine with the so-called "conventional" methods.

Produces, certified by the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, are three: grapes, olives and fodder.
These three productions come together with forestry and sport-directed livestock of Icelandic horses.

Since 1992, the research and mechanization of the industry has made significant steps forward, allowing even an organic farmer to develop economy of scale and, thus, obtain a more significant economic result.
So, organic agriculture is not just a choice dictated by personal convictions on resources safeguard anymore, but rather a valuable option to create income.

The same principle guides the farm's accommodation offer:
giving hospitality by offering activities respectful of natural resources, ecosystems and biodiversity preservation.
Constant commitment to compromise between the needs of visitors and those of the territory hosting us, therefore, constitutes the basis for the farm's energy management.

Most of the biomass that fuels two teleheating systems comes from our forest. The need's remainder is met by using olive pits, namely a widely available product in the area and also at the farm.

In addition to biomasses, we use solar thermal energy through two systems capable of guaranteeing full autonomy during warm months and a substantial reduction in consumptions during intermediate seasons.

The pools' water comes from a company's artesian well, in other words a resource completely independent of the public aqueduct; more generally, all rainwater is routed to an artificial lake that serves as a reserve for farming and breeding activities.

~ Since 1984 ~
Fattoria Voltrona
one of the first farmhouses in Tuscany