Farmhouse San Gimignano, Siena, Tuscany

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Our staff

These are the people you will meet at the Farm:

Claudia, Daniela & Federica

Claudia, Daniela and Federica are the "welcome women". They welcome you upon your arrival and take care of your stay; they will be glad to answer your questions about activities and itineraries.
About Tuscan farmhouse holidays:

Linnea & Jasmine

Linnea and Jasmine are our equestrian guides. They will take you on an unforgettable riding experience in the Tuscan hills.

Mina, Vanessa, Valentina, Antonella, Elena & Nicolaj

Mina proposes the genuine taste of Italian cuisine and Tuscan tradition. The culinary laboratory of Fattoria Voltrona is her reign, where she skillfully prepares focaccia bread and homemade pasta, chooses meats and their cuts as well as the assortment of side dishes and desserts, thus making each menu an experience not to be missed.
Her daughter Vanessa, together with Valentina and Antonella, are Mina's right-hand people.
Elena and Nicolaj are the maîtres and will be at your disposal for every need during lunch and dinner.

Annalisa, Anna, Luana & Roberta

Annalisa, Anna , Luana and Roberta will serve your breakfast and are responsible for room cleaning.

Sebastiano and Malcolm

Sebastiano is the farm's owner and deals with farm work and houses maintenance. Together with other collaborators, he keeps the fields productive and cultivates vineyards, olive tree groves and arable land. Malcolm is responsible for the agricultural company's and the farmhouse's general management.

~ Since 1984 ~
Fattoria Voltrona
one of the first farmhouses in Tuscany