Farmhouse San Gimignano, Siena, Tuscany

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The Farm

Sebastiano Leanza, my father, bought this farm in 1978 thanks to a loan granted by Cassa Contadina, an entity born after the agrarian reform of 1949. My grandfather, just like his father and great-great-grandfather, were farmers in Sicily, the land from which my father emigrated in the late '60s. First on the Alps, in the border valleys between Italy and Austria, and then in Tuscany, making his dream come true.

The farm was half destroyed: there were no drinking water, telephone and gas supply. Electricity only came up to 160 volts and the road was little more than a cattle track. 80% of the buildings were in poor condition and the two barns partially ruined. Only one house was inhabitable. Brambles and other wild vegetation had covered an entire olive tree grove and wild boars came to eat up to the villa's garden. Just to give an idea of the state of abandonment, suffice to say that hunters used the houses' roof as a fixed spot to wait for game. Until the mid-80s the company was livestock-oriented: dairy cows. The production of grapes and oil were marginal compared to cereals and cows fodder.

In the summer of 1984 the first guests slept in the habitable section of the house The word "farmhouse- agriturism" was totally unknown to farmers as well as to their guests. It was basically a "naive" phenomenon: people looking for new routes to explore...

Fattoria Voltrona is therefore one of the first farmhouses established in Tuscany.
Since 1984 we have constantly requalified the structure by renewing the buildings and investing in specialized crops.

Voltrona is the work of a lifetime, that of my father and most of mine so far. It is especially the result of the work of people who have shared and continue to share good and bad times with my family.
Today, the farm is no longer family-run, the amount of work does not make it possible. The different productions and our activities require a range of skills and abilities that only a close-knit and well assorted group of people is able to express. We went from the family subsistence company to the so-called multifunctional farm, where land cultivation, livestock and forestry are complemented and supported by the accommodation offer

We have been offering a more and more complete rural hospitality service for more than 30 years by constantly looking for balance between the spontaneity of the '80s and the changing needs of visitors.
A balance that can now be better defined under the name of rural hotel or spread rural hotel.


~ Since 1984 ~
Fattoria Voltrona
one of the first farmhouses in Tuscany